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Photography by Claudia Greco
Photography by Claudia Greco

Contemporary dance classes by Amy Pender


The classes consist of different improvisational tasks as well as set material, with the aim that the both can give nourishment to the other. Throughout the class, we will work on letting go of unnecessary tension and habitual patterns within the body and mind in order to get out of comfort zones, to find power and clarity, to work deeper in detail and to be able to move in easier and new ways. The class starts slowly, gradually building up with an aim of finding an underlying energy and presence to help drive the creativity and movement of the dancers without needing to override it.


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Profitraning class: Marameo Berlin, Germany

Partnering classes / workshops by Martijn Joling and Amy Pender

Martijn Joling and Amy Pender offer a class/workshop for students and professionals in partnering technique.

“During the workshop, we work our way through different exercises where sharing weight, developing trust and timing our the main focus points. Furthermore, we will work on different ways of how to move together in space, before we eventually go to more complex acrobatic lifts and manipulations.”

Martijn and Amy met each other during their education at the Amsterdam Art Academy. They have worked together in several projects, including for Liat Waysbort (NL / IL), Blenard Azizaj (DE / AL) and Bodytalk (DE). In 2015, Amy assisted Martijn when he made the play "Limitless" at Staatstheater Braunschweig (DE), and in 2017 they made their first duet "Behind closed doors".


12.06.21, Partnering workshop (R.E.D. ARENA Eina, Norway)

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Lose yourself to dance workshop

Katja Henriksen Schia and Amy Pender


The workshops consist of set material, creative tasks, and games. We find

it important to focus on how one nourishes the other, and how the

different elements can be interwoven into each other. As mastering

occurs, the games and tasks advance.

We work on different ways of multitasking and collaborating as a group,

and one of the most important elements, is for us how the participants

can experience an individual sense of achievement by focusing on the

achievement of the group.

We use the participants' imagination and what for them feels recognisable and relevant as inspiration for the tasks. 

Parallel to the physical exploration, we spend time on reflection and conversation.


 Katja and Amy met in 2015 through the work of Spitfire Company, one of Czech Republic and Europe´s most innovative performing arts companies. As part of the creation and preparation process, the held workshops for refugees.

Autumn 2015 they began holding workshops for children under the direction of

the Salvation army in Oslo and Oslo municipality. Since then, they have

developed and continue to develop the workshop method.


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